Congratulations Life Scout! You are about to embark on one of the most rewarding projects in Scouting and quite possibly in your life:  the journey to Eagle Scout.

Important reminders that you need to be aware of:

(1) ALL signatures in the Eagle project book workbook and the Eagle application MUST be original.

(2) The project book can be printed /photocopied and used as a base with the necessary project descriptions, tasks, hours, etc word processed and enclosed as appendixes

(3) Before you start your eagle project it must have 4 original signatures. They are: The person you are doing the work for, the scoutmaster, the troop committee and the District Eagle Project Chairman, Bob Mosqueda. You must contact Mr. Mosqueda before you start you project. You may reach him at (562) 533-4739.

(4) All Character letters must be original, unsealed and sent to the District Advancement Chairman directly.  You will need 5 letters, with an optional sixth one from an employer.  It usually takes a long time to obtain the necessary letters, so plan early.

(5) Candidates need to submit the original competed Eagle book and 2 copies for a total of 3 books send directly to the District Advancement Chairman. Late paperwork results in delays in your quest to Eagle Scout! Your original book will be returned to you once you pass the District Board Of Review.

I would like to congratulate you on embarking on this project and wish you the best of luck on the reaching the goal of the Eagle Scout Award!


Paul Gardiner

Advancement Chairman, Rio Hondo District LAAC BSA

(562) 693-6597

Other useful Eagle Scout Links and Resources:


Troop 54 Eagle List

Year of 1930: George Bessler

Year of 1930: Gerald Antwerp

Year of 1938: Harold Bailey

Year of 1938: Tom Hudson

Year of 1939: Dick Myers

Year of 1939: Leon Sharpless

Year of 1940: Danny Orr

Year of 1940: Fred Bailey

Year of 1940: Ralph Myers

Year of 1940: Rufus Ogilvie

Year of 1940: Webber Callicott

Year of 1945: George Garrettson

Year of 1945: Jim Evans

Year of 1946: Bob Chaney

Year of 1946: Pierre Pellissier

Year of 1948: Dean Dalton

Year of 1948: Donald Chaffee

Year of 1948: Francois Pellissier

Year of 1948: Robert Dewhirst

Year of 1949: Lorne Garrettson

Year of 1949: Neville Bennett

Year of 1954: Robert Slyder

Year of 1957: Peter Turner

Year of 1959: John Lippert

Year of 1960: Gerald Alcantar

Year of 1960: Phillip Barker

Year of 1960: Robert Biggers

Year of 1960: Robert Medina

Year of 1960: Roger Acton

Year of 1961: Kenneth Sleeper

Year of 1961: Mark Olson

Year of 1962: Doug Hains

Year of 1962: Fred Benenati

Year of 1962: Gary Perkins

Year of 1962: John Benenati

Year of 1962: John Lockwood

Year of 1963: Donald Lyons

Year of 1963: Michael Biggers

Year of 1963: Richard Garner

Year of 1964: Dennis Cox

Year of 1964: Michael Edwards

Year of 1964: Thomas Ponton

Year of 1965: Daniel Morgan

Year of 1965: James Sleeper

Year of 1966: Fred Kissinger

Year of 1967: Craig Felburg

Year of 1967: Gerald Ichien

Year of 1967: Michael Parry

Year of 1967: Nathan Rangel

Year of 1967: Timothy Alcantar

Year of 1969: Leon Felburg

Year of 1969: Mark Alcantar

Year of 1969: Scott Archer

Year of 1969: W.D Daly

Year of 1970: Steven Adams

Year of 1971: Bruce Weide

Year of 1971: Gary Yochin

Year of 1971: James Shugart

Year of 1971: Randy Rose

Year of 1972: David Sizoo

Year of 1972: Richard Steele

Year of 1974: Bruce Peterson

Year of 1974: Gregory Lund

Year of 1974: Kenneth Hicks

Year of 1974: Mark Harris

Year of 1974: Steven Morris

Year of 1975: Burt Allen

Year of 1975: Greg Wigiert

Year of 1975: Kurt Allen

Year of 1975: ToddLake

Year of 1976: Richard Brehove

Year of 1977: David Hicks

Year of 1977: Harold Allen

Year of 1977: Todd Johnson

Year of 1979: Ronald Cram

Year of 1980: Gerardo Antonio

Year of 1980: Jack Allen

Year of 1981: Joseph Buchoiz

Year of 1982: David Begil

Year of 1982: Leonard cruz

Year of 1983: Mark Wakeling

Year of 1983: Paul ortiz

Year of 1987: Erik Hertzberg

Year of 1988: Jayson Harmon

Year of 1988: Joseph Hyde

Year of 1989: Alexander Mckenzie

Year of 1990: Shaun Gennawey

Year of 1993: Carl Elliott

Year of 1993: Gabriel Frees

Year of 1994: Jeremy Hume

Year of 1995: Erik Pounds

Year of 1995: Jon Alban

Year of 1996: Trevor Harmon

Year of 1997: Christopher Gennawey

Year of 1997: Daniel Hill

Year of 1998: David Goetz

Year of 1998: James Cabral

Year of 1998: Kristopher Mckinley

Year of 2000: Jesse Cruse

Year of 2000: Peter Cabrera

Year of 2000: Ryan Mcteer

Year of 2001: John Taylor

Year of 2001: Ryan Goetz

Year of 2001: Stephen Godina

Year of 2002: Kyle Wold

Year of 2002: Regino Miranda

Year of 2003: Andrew Buehler

Year of 2003: Brian Clausen

Year of 2003: Joshua Mylles

Year of 2003: Steven Marks

Year of 2004: Donald Ocampo

Year of 2004: Jonathan Herrick

Year of 2005: Eric ClaytonJohnsonJr

Year of 2005: Gregory Saavedra

Year of 2005: Justin Gutierrez

Year of 2005: Matthew Papilli

Year of 2006: Daniel Smiley

Year of 2006: Jeremy Norton

Year of 2007: Dusty Brown

Year of 2007: Kschristopher Anda

Year of 2007: Nathan Gutierrez

Year of 2008: Austin McAllister

Year of 2008: Brian Kerz

Year of 2008: Gary Melgarejo

Year of 2009: Adam Clausen

Year of 2009: John Masters

Year of 2009: Kyle Kitagawa

Year of 2009: Werner Abrego

Year of 2010: Adam Springer

Year of 2010: Evan Smiley

Year of 2010: Joel Munoz

Year of 2010: Matthew Monterroso

Year of 2010: Nicholas Timm

Year of 2010: Reid Glendenning

Year of 2012: Brent Lee

Year of 2012: Nicholas Arias

Year of 2012: Roberto Salazar

Year of 2012: William Marziliano

Year of 2012: Zachary Johnson

Year of 2013: Brandon Meyers

Year of 2013: Daniel Masters

Year of 2013: Evan Monterroso

Year of 2013: Isaac Vermilye

Year of 2013: Jacob Encinas

Year of 2013: Ryan Elliott

Year of 2013: Isaac Vermilye

Year of 2013: Jacob Encinas

year of 2013: Evan Monterroso 

year of 2013: Daniel Masters

year of 2013: Brandon Meyers

year of 2013: Mike Iezza

year of 2013: Trent Sanchez

year of 2013: Joseph Herra

year of 2013: Diego Arias

year of 2013: Nck Gee

year of 2013: Nick Monterroso

year of 2013: Krsitain Lozano

year of 2013: Joseph Weaver

year of 2014: Mo Helwani

year of 2014: Austin Vargas

year of 2014: Andrew Binnings

year of 2014: Nathan Morrow

year of 2014: Broc Wigner

year of 2014: Evan Will

year of 2014: Dante Gonzales

year of 2014: Alex Garcia

year of 2014: Robbie Born

year of 2014: Kyle Elliott

year of 2014: Aaron Espinoza

year of 2015: Mike Vermilye

year of 2015: Noah Skorheim

year of 2015: Alex Campos

year of 2015: Richard Aguilar

year of 2015: Joseph Encinas

year of 2015: Keith Lee

year of 2015: Brain Checkcinco

year of 2015: Gabriel Martinez

year of 2015: Stephen Camacho

year of 2016: Troy Plascencia

year of 2016: Hunter Davis

year of 2016: Bryant Durflinger

year of 2016: Zach Aceves

Year of 2017: Christopher Zubiate

Year of 2017: Ethan Lendo

Year of 2017: Elijah lbarra

Year of 2017: Gabriel Sanchez

Year of 2017: Dustin Buckner

Year of 2017: Devin Hernandez

Year of 2017: Diego Romo

Year of 2017: Christian Checkcinco

Year of 2017: Andre Steele

Year of 2017: Landon Martian

Year of 2017: Matthew Casillas

Year of 2017: Ivan Aguilar

Year of 2018: Augustine Zendajas

Year of 2018: Amad Helwani

Year of 2018: Benjamin Brenier

Year of 2018: Connor Xitco

year of 2018: Brandon Sadorra