If you would like to open the Advancement Database in a new window, click here.

Here are the Guest Account credentials
User ID: scoutawa_Troop54Guest
Password: Scout_Troop_54

As a Guest you can view reports only. If you try and go to Database Management the query’s should not run. 

Sorry, but this is a safeguard to keep the data accurate by allowing only a few trusted folks to update records.

The basic workflow is 1, the troop roster is built with scout and adult names 2, the trips (or tours) are entered 3, the attendance to the trips are recorded with the planned award, mileage, nights camped, etc. 4, the records are matched with available awards to see if a scout meets the requirements and 5, the awards are managed from application, purchase and receipt by the scouter. Records are managed in the Data Input tab. All awards and follow-up are managed under the Awards tab. General reports are managed under the Reports tab.  

This has been a fun project and I hope those who use it benefit from our efforts.