Rio Hondo; Pay it Forward (Sat. May 8th & 9th at 8am-4pm)

Whittier Narrow Nature Center At 1000 Durfee Rd. South El Monte is in dire need of repair. We are asking all scout and parents from troop 54 to please attend this project to show the importance of giving back to the community.Not only for service hours needed but, to pay it forward. Roberto and Mrs. Salazar will be there. Parents and scouts come and join troop 54 in a showing of the troops giving spirit. Will answer all questions at troop meeting today.All scouts attending will get a T-shirt and parents will pay $3, if you wish to obtain one also. May God Be with you. Mrs. Salazar  P.S.     I just happen to see a conflict in our calender for the 8th of May; we have a troop equipment check and cleanup on that date from 8am-2pm.  We can still go on the 9th and Pay It Forward.