Summer camp, Camp Whitsett

Camp Whitsett was awesome this summer.  All of the scouts that were able to attend had a blast!  At first we all took our swim test, many passed. After the scouts took the swim test they all got buddies and chose their tents to sleep in.  Later, we had dinner and after dinner a guide showed us the whole camp so that we would know where to go for our merit badge classes.  Each scout signed up for and attended merit badge classes daily, which were at different times.  Daily we had three meals; breakfast, lunch, and dinner and each meal was delicious.  Thanks to the staff that cooked for us. One of the merit badge classes was Wilderness Survival.  To actually experience what we learned, we had to build our own shelter and camp at night.  It was very cold, very dark and you could hear bats.  At about 3 a.m. we had to go back to camp because there was a mountain lion close by.  It was a little scary but interesting.  One day there was a beaver swim, some call it the polar bear swim because of the cold water.  Many of the scouts braved the cold water and participated and had lots of fun. There were many more different activities and each one was fun.  We are gathering photos that were taken at camp and will be adding to the website within the next few weeks.  Thank you to all of our leaders for making sure we had a great time and keeping us safe.