Icehouse Canyon hike

IMG_0943 Last weekend from Friday June 14th to Saturday June 15th, Troop 54 went on a backpack trip to Icehouse Canyon. On the backpack trip there were 9 scouts (including myself) and 5 adults (including my dad). On the night we had dinner that was provided by the adults, we all saw 2 deer walking through our camp! It was an amazing sight to see them, especially how close they were. In the morning we had to refill our water so that we don't get dehydrated during our backpack outing. Our trip took at least one hour per mile as we walked up the mountain and down the mountain through dirt, rocks, and grass, probably 12 miles at the most, but it was a hot day. For some of the younger scouts the trail made it harder for them, but they were still able to make it to the end. Some of the older scouts and 3 of the adults decided to walk 5 more miles to a mountain peak and, their backpack trip lasted a hole lot longer and maybe even harder for them. When our trip was finished we rested at the parking lot for a little bit, then we left to go have dinner at "In and Out Burgers". All the scouts and adults had a great time!