Welcome Home Jamboree Scouts!

Welcome Home to all the Scouts and adult leaders from Troop 54 that went to Jamboree! I had the privilege to attend the National Jamboree at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia. I must say it was an awesome experience. The first four days we toured Pensilvania and Washington. We went to the Rocky Stairs (that was awesome to run up those stairs!), the Smithsonian Museum, the Spy Museum, Gettysburg and the National Arlington Cemetery. Then on the 5th day, we traveled to the Jamboree to begin our adventures. Our Troop had to set up camp and when we finished we rested and slept to be ready for the next day. There was a welcome show the next morning and then we had the rest of the day to do any activity or patch trading or go to the store and buy souvenirs. Every day you got to do anything like swimming, dragon boating, white water rafting, shooting, rock climbing, BMX, skateboarding, and many more! But for one day your troop had a hike to a mountain, go to a religious ceremony on Sunday, service to the community, and a Technology Quest. On Saturday there was a closing show because I think some troops leave very early and the band 3 Doors Down was there to perform for the closing show. Also most of the time in West Virginia it is hot and humid but every day it rained or had lightning and thunder storms really hard like storms we never see in California! I'm glad we all made it back safely home and we all had the time of our lives.Thank you so much to our Scout Master Mr. Wold and our adult leader Mr.Sanchez. Welcome home Scouts and Adult leaders:).image(56)