Shooting Sports Program - The Third Annual Mother/Son shoot was a HUGE success!




The Young Guns just wanted to start the week by with this:
The Third Annual Mother/Son shoot was a HUGE success!
We had such a great time teaching our scouts and moms the basics of rifle and shotgun shooting and safety.
When the scouts left the range for lunch, the adults had quality time with Turner's instructor and competitive shooters from the Chino store.
Turners really has been reaching out to support our troop!
In the past year, they sold us ammo for the crawfish boil and the Mother/Son shoot at heavily discounted prices, easily saving us at least a thousand dollars in ammo costs.
For this past weekend's event, they came out and spent the entire day with us, giving the moms and scouts shooting pointers on the range, hosting the safety and pistol training portion with the moms, and showing us some competitive shooting skills.
They also gave us discounts for our troop and provided gift certificates to be awarded for the top shooters at this event.
We all agreed over our spaghetti dinner that this event went a long way in building our relationship with Turners…as they got to see first hand the size of our group of moms and sons that came out to participate.
They saw the keen interest in the moms and scouts to learn more, how T-54 was driving a safety-conscious range and how this was a standing event where moms could learn to shoot a variety of firearms…many of those they recognized were purchased from Turners.
They also learned we have scouts that are involved in a competitive shoots sporting program and saw the high-end rifles that our scouts used for those events.
I can't tell you how much it meant to T54 to have such a strong turn-out, positively engaged moms and scouts eagerly learning to either shoot for the first time, or improve on their existing shooting skill set….as Turners looked on….
We are gearing up to host our 2nd Annual Crawfish Boil (ok ok … AND taco bar).  The shooting sports program will be heavily utilized during this event and the strengthened relationship with an overly impressed Turners will serve us well.  I expect they will have a larger role this year than last….
As I reflect on T54s shooting sports progression, I am proud of how quickly it has grown.  Consider this:
- 3 years ago, we had no shooting sports program, then our progression:
- Yr 1:   - T54 began supporting rifle/shotgun merit badges
- Hosted 1st annual Mother/Son spaghetti western shoot and had a small, respectable turnout
- Yr 2: - Hosted 2nd annual Mother/Son shoot and had 12 pairs turn out
- T54 shooting sports establishes a goal of building a new shooting complex at Firestone.
- Hosted 1st annual crawfish boil and raised over $8K, in part due to hosting a shooting event during the boil
- For this event, we established a relationship with Turners who provided us with reduced ammo pricing at a time when there was hardly any ammo available nationwide.
- Yr 3:     - Hosted the 3rd annual Mother/Son shoot - roughly 25 pairs of moms/scouts and Turners kicks in reduced ammo, gift cards for top shooting prizes and supports the event with training and experienced shooters/instructors
- We will be hosting our 2nd Annual crawfish boil and will establish a seriously high fund-raising goal through this event to support our goal of building a new shooting sports range (more on this later)
- We reached out to Kim Rhode (Olympics only female 5 time olympic champion who has gold and sliver medals in sports shooting - Whittier native) and invited her to the crawfish boil (fingers crossed)
 With your help, I would like to add one more accomplishment in Yr 3, one that Turners asked us to consider after they saw the level of participation across the parents and scouts in T54s shooting sports program.
Turner's asked us to consider joining the National Rifle Association.  They complimented us for the 3 years we have been developing our program and the active support we have been blessed with from the moms and dads.  They saw this as a way of formalizing that commitment at a deeper level…and I get that.
Turners went to bat for us once again on cost reductions and is able to offer Troop 54 parents and scouts  a $15 annual membership vs the standard $35 membership.  For the cost of a great sports-shooting enthusiast magazine subscription, you can become a member and reap the benefits of membership.
Please consider this as a way to show Turners our appreciation for all that they have done for us, and our own commitment towards a growing relationship between Turners and T54….
I will be at the meeting on Monday night if anyone wants to sign up.  Please consider as I would like to make a statement of appreciation for their support by handing them a stack of applications.
I invite all of you to join me on a trip to Turner's Corporate office to take another T54 autographed photo from the Mom/Son shoot as a way of saying thanks…and would love to hand them an envelop of membership registrations that they can process.   It's our way of showing our commitment to T54s shooting sports program.
I promise you…Turners will be impressed and our mutual relationship will continue to grow.
Thanks for considering.
See you Monday night!
P.S.  Ink Saturday, May 17th, weekend after Mother's Day for the 2nd Annual Crawfish Boil (ok ok.. and taco bar)  and Sports Shooting-Helicopter Riding-Laissez le bon temps rouler - Dejar que los buenos tiempos - Tshirt wearing with a new logo - event ever hosted by T54.  Spread the word:  Eat/Shoot Saturday, Sleep Sunday