Webelos Weekend

Webelos weekend was held on the weekend of the 13th-15th of September. Friday the 13th, the scouts and webelos arrived at Firestone and setup camp. Then they met with their assigned patrol leaders to have dinner which was provided by the adults. I went to webelos weekend and was assigned to be a patrol leader but instead I got to work at a station called fire building. Saturday after breakfast the webelos made a patrol flag, had to think of a patrol yell and a patrol name before they set off to do activities. The scouts who weren't patrol leaders went to prepare for the upcoming classes being held in the afternoon. When the webelos came to their class we taught them the importance of sharp tools and fire. But the fire class was separate from the sharp tools class because it can be dangerous when taught at the same time. The webelos were well behaved during class. Later after dinner, we had some free time and played a game of football. During the football game one of the boy scouts saw a tarantula and he told the other scouts and webelos to come and see. We didn't want to hurt the spider but we had to move the tarantula away from the camp so it wouldn't get stepped on. The scouts and webelos then continued the game and had a good time. After the game we had the campfire. Everyone from webelos, to scouts and adults sang songs and performed skits and all were fantastic. Sunday morning after breakfast all boy scouts took down all the tents and in the mean time the webelos went to a final activity that was about first aid. After the activity the webelos went on a small hike, up a small mountain and some of the boy scouts stayed behind to take down the kitchen and put other equipment back inside the trailer. As the webelos got back from their hike we made a small snack for the end of their hike and then we went home.