IMG_2095IMG_2103Congratulations to Daniel for achieving the highest rank in scouting, the rank of Eagle Scout. It was truly an honor to participate in and be present at the National Eagle Court of Honor for Daniel at Faith Lutheran Church. Family, friends and fellow scouts were in attendance and the ceremony was absolutely beautiful. During the ceremony the guest speakers were Mr. Taylor, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Masters, Daniel's father. The stories told by the guest speakers were very inspiring especially to us scouts that we too can continue on our path and work hard towards eagle. What was cool too was that not only did Daniel's grandfather attend, but to learn that he too is an Eagle Scout. The benediction was Daniel's teacher, Mr. Morrow, and his words of thanks to scouts is truly heartfelt. A reception followed after the ceremony and there was a display of items from Daniel's life as a scout from Cub Scout to Boy Scout, his uniform, scout caps, belt loops, merit badges and also his grandfather's merit badge sash, patches and picture of when he was an eagle. That was truly fantastic. Congratulations Daniel!!