High Adventure Training (HAT)

From S. Jenkins -
Per the attached notice, High Adventure Training (HAT) is only offered once per year.  The deadline for enrollment is Feb 12th, and the training will be at Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro on Friday, Feb 19 to Sunday, Feb 21.  Without more trained backpack leaders, we may need to limit the number of Scouts who go on some of our planned outings. Which we hope we won't have to do. Currently we have 3 dads (Mr. Neel, Mr. Espinoza & Mr. Vermilye) who have committed to attend the HAT training.

As an example, the outings to San Bernardino Peak, San Jacinto and San Gorgonio will all have Wilderness Permit limits of 12 persons per Group (we will hike with 8 Scouts and 4 Adults per Group per Tahquitz Peak outing last Sept).  It is likely that we may have at least 2 Groups and possible 3 for each outing and, therefore, will need more trained adults.

I hope that we can find 4-6 of the Intermediate or older Scout parents to attend this training, and 2-3 of the Beginner or younger Scout parents as well.  Whether you actually plan and lead an outing is less important than having the training to do so.

Similarly, our 2009 outings were organized by Patrol, and Scouts were given the opportunity to begin assuming responsibilities for conducting the outings (Patrol Leader and other Positions, as well as training and expectations).  For 2010, it is hoped that the Scouts who activity participated in 2009 will want to take on more proactive responsibility for planning as well as conducting our 2010 outings.  Therefore, I encourage all those who are at least 13 and First Class to enroll and attend the attached High Adventure Jr. Leader Backpack training.  Again, this is only offered once per year and has already been calendared on the Troop 54 Calendar. The date is March 27-28.

PARENTS & SCOUTS, Please consider taking one of the training classes! Thank you!
If you have any questions regarding the HAT training, email Mr. Jenkins.