Scout Troop in Morelia Mexico Would like to interchange with troop 54


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hi! my name is paulina castro and i´m scout too, i live in morelia mexico and gary justin melgarejo is my cousin, i know what he finist the course and now he es an eagle, and when his mom and dad comes to morelia in christmas vacations they give to me something scouts things of gary, but i like to see if you can interchange scout things about your troop or scout movement.

here in mexico, the scout movement are so different.. begining whit que uniform colors.. but i really like to be scout and gary are out the scout movement now.

i don´t speak english very well but i try because i wanna interchange scout things for my scout group to you troop…

my scout group name is numbre 32 Ave Fenix, and i´m akela.. the leader.. i´m working with children about 6 to 10 years and i have now about 36 childen in my section… and in february 21 we have here in morelia the more biggest liz flower and is an national celebrate..

i hope you understand me and i hope too you speak spanish..


forever ready

paulina castro melgarejo