National Youth Leadership Training

Congratulations to our scouts for successfully completing the National Youth Leadership program. The scouts spent two complete weekends, all day Friday to Sunday afternoon deep in their studies learning more about various aspects of leadership. Good job!!
Stephen Camacho & Zachary Aceves

Congratulations Troop 54!!



IMG_2200At the Rio Hondo Renaissance Camporee, Troop 54 won the shovel!! Over 9 years we had been very close on getting the shovel and we like to thank our Senior patrol leader Alex on leading us through the weekend and never giving up. Awesome Job Troop 54!

Icehouse Canyon hike

IMG_0943 Last weekend from Friday June 14th to Saturday June 15th, Troop 54 went on a backpack trip to Icehouse Canyon. On the backpack trip there were 9 scouts (including myself) and 5 adults (including my dad). On the night we had dinner that was provided by the adults, we all saw 2 deer walking through our camp! It was an amazing sight to see them, especially how close they were. In the morning we had to refill our water so that we don’t get dehydrated during our backpack outing. Our trip took at least one hour per mile as we walked up the mountain and down the mountain through dirt, rocks, and grass, probably 12 miles at the most, but it was a hot day. For some of the younger scouts the trail made it harder for them, but they were still able to make it to the end. Some of the older scouts and 3 of the adults decided to walk 5 more miles to a mountain peak and, their backpack trip lasted a hole lot longer and maybe even harder for them. When our trip was finished we rested at the parking lot for a little bit, then we left to go have dinner at “In and Out Burgers”. All the scouts and adults had a great time!

The past few weeks

This past few weeks, a lot has happened for example the court of honor, craw fish, the placements of the flags in the cemetery, and elections.  Of corse it has been a while since the elections of the new leaders and I am the webmaster again and I am going to stay on track like I use to. The elections went great, the new leaders have new rules (especially how long the parent announcements have to be, he he). The craw fish boil event held on May 19th was a success. The scouts had a shooting range and they not only got to use shotguns and rifles, they got to use pistols! The craw fish itself had a delay on the delivery, but in the meantime the scouts got to shoot of course. When the craw fish arrived the scouts and grown ups got to play with the craw fish a little and then the grown ups cooked the craw fish. A member of the Orange County S.W.A.T came as well and he showed a demonstration on semi-auto’s and fully automatic machine guns!  All those who went had a great time. The Saturday before Memorial Day, troop 54 went to the L.A. cemetery to place American flags on the graves of the men and women who served our country and died at different wars. What was surprising that channel 2 news interviewed some of the members of our troop and it was awesome to see them on TV.  Last Monday, June 3rd, Troop 54 had a court of honor and most of the scouts skits were really funny. There were a lot of merit badges awarded and patches and pins for the moms.  Close to the end of the court of honor a former member of our troop and Eagle Scout, joined us and right now he is a member of the military. It was an honor to have him at our court of honor.

Webmaster – Thank you!

As elections are only a day away, I want to personally thank our current Webmaster for the fine job he has done.

He took the position full of energy and enthusiasm and he diligently applied himself to the task at hand.  With little training, he was able to master the Troop’s site and continually updated it with the latest outings, parent meetings, and other useful news.  I hope he was able to learn the skills so he can continue to develop his interest in this area.

 Great Job!


Scout leaders use training to help distressed hikers

Article originally Published by Whittier Daily News
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Scout leaders use training to help distressed hikers











WHITTIER- Scout leaders Lonnie Wold and Mike Taylor recently put into practice what they have trained scouts to do for years.

Last week as they led a group of seven scouts from Whittier Boy Scout Troop 54 backpacking on Mt.Whitney, the two men rescued a teen and his father as well as another male over a 12-hour period of time. “It was God’s plan,” said a modest Wold, who originally became a scout leader for his son about 20 years ago.  The troop, which included three other scout leaders, had set camp and was having dinner, when scouts spotted a young man collapse on the trail 30 feet in front of them.

Alarmed, Wold and Taylor first approached the adult male, who turned out to be the teen’s father, to give assistance.

“The boy, Simeon, was very incoherent,” Wold said. After observing him,Taylor and Wold surmised the teen was suffering from severe dehydration. They gave him water, and offered to go for help.  The father, Norm, insisted on trying to get himself and his son back down the trail.Wold and Taylor did not like that idea, but did not want to go against the father’s wishes. “We were distraught when the dad didn’t take us up on our offer,” Wold said.

They didn’t get very far.

At about 9:30 p.m., after securing the father and son in a tent, Wold and Taylor went down the summit, in the dark with only head lamps and flashlights. Along the way, they asked those they encountered if they had cell phone service.  “We knew our troop was safe with the other leaders, and we had the strongest legs to make the trek after a day of hiking,” Wold said.  On the way down the mountain, they encountered another family of three, with the father not looking so well.  The man’s 16-year-old daughter, Janine, asked for help. “She was distraught and asked if we could help get her father (Dave) down,” Wold said. “He wasn’t doing well, very disoriented.”  They got the Woodland Hills family to their car, and then went looking for help for Simeon.  Rescuers were on a search and rescue, so they were not quickly available.

At 2 a.m., they found out that rescuers had located Simeon and his father and they were doing well.

They reunited with their troop at 6:30 a.m. “We were able to help them because of our training,”Taylor said. “We were prepared.”

Read more: Scout leaders use training to help distressed hikers – Whittier Daily News

Summer camp, Camp Whitsett

Camp Whitsett was awesome this summer.  All of the scouts that were able to attend had a blast!  At first we all took our swim test, many passed. After the scouts took the swim test they all got buddies and chose their tents to sleep in.  Later, we had dinner and after dinner a guide showed us the whole camp so that we would know where to go for our merit badge classes.  Each scout signed up for and attended merit badge classes daily, which were at different times.  Daily we had three meals; breakfast, lunch, and dinner and each meal was delicious.  Thanks to the staff that cooked for us.
One of the merit badge classes was Wilderness Survival.  To actually experience what we learned, we had to build our own shelter and camp at night.  It was very cold, very dark and you could hear bats.  At about 3 a.m. we had to go back to camp because there was a mountain lion close by.  It was a little scary but interesting.  One day there was a beaver swim, some call it the polar bear swim because of the cold water.  Many of the scouts braved the cold water and participated and had lots of fun. There were many more different activities and each one was fun.  We are gathering photos that were taken at camp and will be adding to the website within the next few weeks.  Thank you to all of our leaders for making sure we had a great time and keeping us safe.