El Camino Real Medal -Trek 2

3/12 and 3/13 is the backpack part of the medal where the boys will walk in the footsteps of the missionaries of the 1800’s and hike from San Gabriel Mission to Pio Pico Mission to La Habra Bell. The boys must complete both Trek 1 and Trek 2. It will be 9 miles Sat., 7.5 miles Sun. Sign up for this with Mrs. Espinoza or Mrs. Encinas.

El Camino Real Medal -Trek 1

Boys can earn the El Camino Real Medal in March. 3/5 is Trek 1 and this will consist of visiting the LA Pueblo catching the train to San Juan Capistrano Mission and touring the mission then returning to LA on the train. MUST HAVE FINAL COUNT OF THOSE ATTENDING BY MON 1/31/11 IN ORDER TO RESERVE AND BUY TRAIN TICKETS.