Memorial Service of Mr. Steve Jenkins August 20

On Monday, August 20, Troop 54 had a memorial service for Mr. Steve Jenkins. On that night troop 54 has gathered in the church for a memorial service to say many thanks to what he has done for the troop. We watched slide shoes of Mr Jenkins in many of his trips. Some of the grown ups and scouts talked about Mr Jenkins of how he was energetic and liked to go in many high adventures. There were tears as guests spoke about Mr Jenkins and remembering all the wonderful times spent with him.  But most of all there was appreciation and affection for such a wonderful man.  We were honored to have members of Mr. Jenkins family be with us that night.  We will miss Mr. Jenkins but his spirit will be with us as we venture forward in our scouting adventures.

Scout leaders use training to help distressed hikers

Article originally Published by Whittier Daily News
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Scout leaders use training to help distressed hikers











WHITTIER- Scout leaders Lonnie Wold and Mike Taylor recently put into practice what they have trained scouts to do for years.

Last week as they led a group of seven scouts from Whittier Boy Scout Troop 54 backpacking on Mt.Whitney, the two men rescued a teen and his father as well as another male over a 12-hour period of time. “It was God’s plan,” said a modest Wold, who originally became a scout leader for his son about 20 years ago.  The troop, which included three other scout leaders, had set camp and was having dinner, when scouts spotted a young man collapse on the trail 30 feet in front of them.

Alarmed, Wold and Taylor first approached the adult male, who turned out to be the teen’s father, to give assistance.

“The boy, Simeon, was very incoherent,” Wold said. After observing him,Taylor and Wold surmised the teen was suffering from severe dehydration. They gave him water, and offered to go for help.  The father, Norm, insisted on trying to get himself and his son back down the trail.Wold and Taylor did not like that idea, but did not want to go against the father’s wishes. “We were distraught when the dad didn’t take us up on our offer,” Wold said.

They didn’t get very far.

At about 9:30 p.m., after securing the father and son in a tent, Wold and Taylor went down the summit, in the dark with only head lamps and flashlights. Along the way, they asked those they encountered if they had cell phone service.  “We knew our troop was safe with the other leaders, and we had the strongest legs to make the trek after a day of hiking,” Wold said.  On the way down the mountain, they encountered another family of three, with the father not looking so well.  The man’s 16-year-old daughter, Janine, asked for help. “She was distraught and asked if we could help get her father (Dave) down,” Wold said. “He wasn’t doing well, very disoriented.”  They got the Woodland Hills family to their car, and then went looking for help for Simeon.  Rescuers were on a search and rescue, so they were not quickly available.

At 2 a.m., they found out that rescuers had located Simeon and his father and they were doing well.

They reunited with their troop at 6:30 a.m. “We were able to help them because of our training,”Taylor said. “We were prepared.”

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Meeting of August 6

It was a simple meeting.   There was a meeting for any scout 14 years and older or those of the rank of life scout.  The younger scouts or those of the rank of Star and under, had the opportunity to play and have fun.  Since it was such a warm evening, it felt good to be outside.  Next meeting of August 13 the scouts are going to going to catapult water balloons.  They were reminded that each scout that attends has to bring regular balloons which they will fill with water only.  No special water balloons that could be harmful.  It should be lots of fun.

Steve Jenkins

Troop 54,
It is with sadness that I share with you the passing of Steve Jenkins.
He will be remembered in his duty to scouts and how much he gave to Troop 54.
I ask that you remember his family in your prayers during this difficult time.
He is much loved by our scouts and now is in the presence of the Lord.
Lonnie Wold
Troop 54, Whittier

Palisades Group –

Palisades F.A.T. Group (Fun Adventure Team)

 Andy and Evan at falls with Palisades peak in background.

 Robby and Nick filtering water at falls with palisades in background.

Mike and Zach at falls with Palisades peak behind


George showing Robby how to fish at 1st lake.

Greg and Robby at falls with 14,242 foot Palisades peak in background