Flag ceremony at Calvary Baptist Church

On June 23, 2013 there was a flag ceremony represented by Troop 54 at Calvary Baptist Church and the leaders for the flag ceremony were my dad and Randy. My dad did a great job in leading it and making sure everything was in order. I participated in the flag ceremony as well as 12 other scouts. My position was to call out the color guard. Then a singing group called the “Choralaiares Barbershop Chorus and Quartets” sang a few songs. This part of the ceremony was really cool because they did an awesome job entertaining us and the audience. As the barbershop quartet sang military songs, the scouts held out the flags that represented each branch of the military and at the same time members of the audience that represented each branch would stand. This was indeed a special flag ceremony.

New Eagle Scout!

On Saturday June 22, 2013, I had the privilege of attending and participating in the National Eagle Court of Honor for Jacob. The ceremony was well attended by Troop 54 scouts, four eagle scouts, scout leaders, friends, family, and teachers from Jacob’s school. There were two guest speakers that spoke of the wonderful person he is. The Eagle challenge truly described the responsibility of an Eagle scout. Our Scout Master then presented Jacob the rank of Eagle Scout and we all clapped loudly. Jacob thanked the special people that helped him achieve the rank of Eagle, especially his parents and his brother. There was a reception after the ceremony and there was a nice display of his life from cub scout to boy scout. The guests had their picture taken with him and received a copy as a gift. Congratulations to Jacob our newest Eagle Scout!



Icehouse Canyon hike

IMG_0943 Last weekend from Friday June 14th to Saturday June 15th, Troop 54 went on a backpack trip to Icehouse Canyon. On the backpack trip there were 9 scouts (including myself) and 5 adults (including my dad). On the night we had dinner that was provided by the adults, we all saw 2 deer walking through our camp! It was an amazing sight to see them, especially how close they were. In the morning we had to refill our water so that we don’t get dehydrated during our backpack outing. Our trip took at least one hour per mile as we walked up the mountain and down the mountain through dirt, rocks, and grass, probably 12 miles at the most, but it was a hot day. For some of the younger scouts the trail made it harder for them, but they were still able to make it to the end. Some of the older scouts and 3 of the adults decided to walk 5 more miles to a mountain peak and, their backpack trip lasted a hole lot longer and maybe even harder for them. When our trip was finished we rested at the parking lot for a little bit, then we left to go have dinner at “In and Out Burgers”. All the scouts and adults had a great time!

The past few weeks

This past few weeks, a lot has happened for example the court of honor, craw fish, the placements of the flags in the cemetery, and elections.  Of corse it has been a while since the elections of the new leaders and I am the webmaster again and I am going to stay on track like I use to. The elections went great, the new leaders have new rules (especially how long the parent announcements have to be, he he). The craw fish boil event held on May 19th was a success. The scouts had a shooting range and they not only got to use shotguns and rifles, they got to use pistols! The craw fish itself had a delay on the delivery, but in the meantime the scouts got to shoot of course. When the craw fish arrived the scouts and grown ups got to play with the craw fish a little and then the grown ups cooked the craw fish. A member of the Orange County S.W.A.T came as well and he showed a demonstration on semi-auto’s and fully automatic machine guns!  All those who went had a great time. The Saturday before Memorial Day, troop 54 went to the L.A. cemetery to place American flags on the graves of the men and women who served our country and died at different wars. What was surprising that channel 2 news interviewed some of the members of our troop and it was awesome to see them on TV.  Last Monday, June 3rd, Troop 54 had a court of honor and most of the scouts skits were really funny. There were a lot of merit badges awarded and patches and pins for the moms.  Close to the end of the court of honor a former member of our troop and Eagle Scout, joined us and right now he is a member of the military. It was an honor to have him at our court of honor.

In Memoriam, An Eagle’s Project dedicated to S. Jenkins

Completed on Dec. 9, 2012, and approved on May 29th, Troop 54, newest Eagle Scout Evan Monterroso, built 2 seating benches around trees at Granada Middle School. School staff and students will benefit from these benches by allowing them seating during breaks and away from the sun. Each bench can seat 12.

Evan Monterroso dedicated his project to the late Mr. Jenkins.