29 Palms Primitive Camp – Jan 16 to 18.

29 Palms Primitive Camp is just around the corning in mid January and I’m told it’s something every scout should experience (parents too). 

Oh no!!! What are you going to do?!!!!?  HOW WILL YOU SURVIVE!!!!?!!?? THIS ONE IS A BLAST!!!!!!!
Any parents have ideas for cooking breakfast in rustic manner? And we’ll be needing lots of wood
Scouts!!!!!……You will:

Dig trenches to set your lean-to up to and sleep in.  
Dig a latrine
Cook a turkey over a fire pit!
Bake a chocolate cake in an oven you’ll make! 
Go on an orienteering expedition and maybe play against Mr. Wold and Mr. Taylor!
Play capture the flag and mafia
Learn some survival skills
…and much more.!!!!

Two Events this Saturday the 13th

First we have the Skyline Hike. If you are not signed up and you want some more information about it, please email Maria Espinoza 

This hike is 10 miles, so not bad.
Class “B” uniform, tennis shoes or broken in hiking shoes.
Location is RioHondo College. Parking Lot 2


Next, we have the Whittier Christmas THIS Saturday, December 13th. We are meeting at 7:30 a.m. in Uptown Whittier and opening the parade. We will be participating with Troop 985.
If you have any questions, please email Jennifer Lacko