New Updates and Changes To Our Winter Camp!!!


Michelle Vermilye


The updates are as follow:
New date is Saturday February 27 thru Sunday February 28, 2009 (was 2/20 thru 2/21)
New cost is $130.00 per Scout or Parent (doing both snow activities and lodging) (was $125.00)
The attached documents provide detailed information that explain the changes such as camp availability and camp cost.
Mr. Munoz will discuss these changes at tonight’s Scout meeting and at tomorrow’s parent meeting.

2010 Winter Camp 2-20-10



2010 Winter Camp info sheet

Scout Troop 54 Toy Drive: 0ver 500 toys delivered!

from Mr. Gennawey…..
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you each and everyone:   To all the Scouts and families who took the time to bring and special toy to the troop Christmas Party.  Each and every toy was a special blessing to a child who may have not received a toy this past Christmas.   I want to especially Thank the following troop members who took the time on Sunday to help. Your time and efforts were a blessing to each family and child.  Each and everyone worked hard and showed what Scouting is all about.  You were truly servant of the Lord on this special day.   Roberto, Kathyrn and Mrs. Salazar Trent Sanchez Dylan and Mr. Neel Nicholas Gee Joseph, Jacob and Mr. Encinas Kristian Lozano Isaac, Michael and Mr. /  Mrs. Vermilye Janine, Christopher and Mr. / Mrs. Gennawey     Faith Lutheran added the below article to their church bulletin and there was a special article in the Whittier Daily News.  (see the link below)   God’s Blessings Mr. Gennawey   This is what was written in the church bulletin:

WHAT A BLESSING!!! – With the combined efforts of our school children’s Chapel offerings, individual donations,

Scout Troop 54, and Thrivent funds, over 500 toys were available for the hundreds of children on campus last

Sunday.  In addition, 148 bags of food (beans, spaghetti & sauce, canned fruit & veggies, rice, broth, & peanut butter)

were distributed through the generous donation of Della Webster’s employer!  The expressions of joy and

gratitude are unforgettable, and precious memories for each of our volunteers.  The event ran like clockwork, thanks

to over 30 volunteers from church, school, and the Boy Scouts, headed by Team Leaders Lauren Aravelo (Registration),

Rick Erven (Program), Anne Blaikie (Toys), & Bruce Mattson (Parking).  As expected this year, the number of

attendees increased, yet God provided just enough toys! (We had less than 40 remaining.)  We registered 178 families

and 448 children.  Just think – over 700 people came through our campus!  Well done, good and faithful servants ! ! ! !


Read newspaper article, Whittier Daily News:

Signups Monday For Jan 23-24 Backpack of Boy Scout Trail at Joshua Tree

Good Afternoon:
This is the follow-up email with details of the upcoming Backpack Outing at Joshua Tree and 29 Palms. Please share this information with your Scout.

It is very, very important that any Scout or Adult Scouter who plans on going on subsequent 2010 Troop 54 Backpack Outings attend this Outing.  In addition, anyone who only went on one of the previous backpack outings to Valley Forge (2008), or Hoegees and Bridge to Nowhere (2009), and who are interested in qualifying for future High Adventure patches needs to go on this outing since some future patches require participation on two previous training backpack outings such as this one.

PROPOSED ACTIVITY TYPE:  8-mile backpack of Boy Scout Trail at Joshua Tree National Park and overnight camp at 29 Palms.  Here is a link describing the Boy Scout Trail:

Please note that this site describes a 16.4 mile round trip…..we will only be doing the one way hike between Keys Junction and Indian Cove Campground.

Here is a link to Joshua Tree National Park that will provide you with other background info:

DATE:  Saturday and Sunday, January 23-24, 2010

WHY THIS ACTIVITY IS BEING PLANNED:  This outing will continue training Scouts to prepare for planned 15-mile round trip (7-8 miles per day) overnight backpack outings later this year.  Because of uncertainty over access to Little Jimmy and other hikes in Angeles Forest due to the Station Fire, we are shifting our shakedown backpack hikes to the desert before it heats up in late April and May.  The other positive is that we will get to see the wildflowers bloom in the desert.

WHO CAN ATTEND: Any Scout or Adult Scouter who has gone on a previous backpack outing of at least 5 miles or completed a 10 mile day hike.  Others should talk to Mr. Jenkins about their experience and desire.

ASSISTANT ADULT TOUR LEADER NEEDED:  As I mentioned in the previous email, I will be relocating to Sacramento.  I plan on leading and participating in this Outing but will need to coordinate with an Adult who can handle the local logistics at the Troop meetings and coordinate with the preparations for the Desert Wilderness Camp.  Please let me know if you are interested in working with me on this.  This will be a great learning opportunity.

COORDINATION WITH DESERT WILDERNESS CAMP OUTING:  Mr. Taylor and Mr. Born will begin signups on Monday for the Desert Camping outing at 29 Palms scheduled for January 23-24.  We will hike the Boy Scout Trail to Indian Cove Campground during the morning and early afternoon on Saturday Jan 23rd, and then drive to nearby 29 Palms and join the Desert Wilderness Camp in progress for the rest of Saturday and Sunday.

SIGN-UP’s:  Sign-ups  will take place during the Troop meeting  this coming  Monday, Jan 4th.  There will not be a limit on the number of participants, and we will be hiking by Patrol.  Permission Slips and Medical Consent Forms will be distributed at the Troop meeting on January 11th to those who sign up.

This is planned as a day hike with overnight camping.  We will leave the Church around 5:30am on Saturday, January 23rd and return during the afternoon on Sunday, January 24th.

We will not follow the exact route of the Boy Scout Trail as shown in the above web link.  Instead, the Scouts will gain experience in map reading and orienteering as they start and end the hike by walking cross country through the desert.  This will be a new and exciting opportunity that will expand their abilities, teamwork and awareness of their surroundings.  This outing is mostly level during the first half and downhill during the second half.  It should be easier than the hikes of Baden Powell, and 3 T’s last year, and probably about the same as the Bridge to Nowhere backpack.

TRAINING AND ADVANCEMENT OPPORTUNITIES:  Troop 54 Advancement Coaches are encouraged to participate and work with the Scouts in meeting advancement requirements during the outing.

COST:  Cost will cover food and transportation, and the exact amount will be determined in coordination with the Desert Wilderness Camp outing.  Those who sign up for the Boy Scout Trail back will be notified of the cost in the Permission Slip that is to be distributed at the Troop meeting on January 11th.

Let me know if you have questions.  See you at the Troop meeting.

Thank you.

Stephen L. Jenkins